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Building Confidence & Trust across Bunker Supply Chain

SS 600 : 2014 – Code of Practice for Bunkering


Both CP 60 and CP 77 were revise concurrently for consistency. SS 600: 2008 a combination of the requirements of CP 60 and CP 77, is a compliance with Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)’s requirements on the collection of the representative samples for a bunkering operation MPA is the implementing authority of this standards. Main changes include:


  • Continuous enhancement to the technical requirements on sample bottles and security seals to further promote sample bottle security.

  • Declaration in the bunker delivery note that the bunker fuels supplied meet the regulation of MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, and

  • Standardisation of the bunkering documents such as Bunker Delivery Note, Stock Movement Logbook, etc.

SS 524 & SS 600


SS 524: 2014 Specification for Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain (QMBS)


SS 524 aims to help companies in the industry implement an effective and efficient quality management system for bunker supply chain (QMBS) and to improve the performance of bunker suppliers.


Modelled on ISO 9001, SS 524 looks into the management system for the entire bunker supply chain from management responsibility, product procurement, custody control, right up to the final delivery of bunker fuel to vessels in the port of Singapore.


The management system requires that the quality of bunkers in every link of the supply chain be taken care by the suppliers so as to assure customers that the quality of the bunkers supplied to vessels conforms to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Regulations (Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 ‘Regulations for the prevention of air pollution from ships’) and the standard set by the ISO 8217 (Petroleum products – Fuels (Class F) – Specifications of marine fuels), whichever common quality parameter is more stringent.


This new standard is mandatory and applicable to bunker suppliers who would be working with the bunker craft operators and surveyors to comply with the standard. Shipping agents and ship owners are encouraged to use the standard which would be to their benefit. It is used by MPA in the implementation of the Accreditation Scheme for Bunker Suppliers.


Key Benefits:

  • By adopting the SS 524, bunker suppliers will have a systematic way to further enhance the quality of their bunker supply and give their customers greater assurance of the quality. Ultimately, this will result in a better bottom line ?for all.

  • The accreditation of the bunker supplier using SS 524 as one of the requirements will provide greater assurance to bunker buyers of the reliability and quality of bunkering services in Singapore. It will also enable bunker suppliers to better monitor and manage the quality of their bunker products.



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