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Management Systems Maintenance Program (MSMP)

Maintaining and continually improving your Certified management systems requires a sustained focus and vision.


Maintaining certification underscores this fact. Companies often lost the momentum, focus, and commitment after achieving initial certification. The result is a scramble to prepare for Surveillance Audits, stress and anxiety during the annual Surveillance Audit, and an unplanned commitment of resources to deal with the aftermath.

You probably know everything about your business and its products, but we probably know far more about the ISO standards, their requirements, and how best to achieve the goals in the most cost effective way.


Call or e-mail us,Our team has lots of qualified experience consultants, we are all trained auditors of various standards and come from a variety of industrial backgrounds.

We can supply customize in house training sessions for your staff to familiarize them with the standard/s in place or being put in place. It is much easier to manage a standard if your staffs are aware of what is involved in remaining compliant.


Assessments / Audits may be refer to first, second and third party, accredited & non-accredited.

Training & Development


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