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Training & Development


As you can imagine, with so much experience in our field we have a lot of information to share to ensure your staff know what is expected of them to assist in the operating and maintenance of your systems, but just as important, how to improve your systems for the continual improvement process.

Customised Training

If required we can put together a test of knowledge at the end and issue certificates of attendance.


We can supply customize in house training sessions for your staff to familiarize them with the standard/s in place or being put in place. It is much easier to manage a standard if your staffs are aware of what is involved in remaining compliant.


Accredited Courses

Quality@Works signs a partnership agreement with JLB Management Consultancy Pty Ltd, the courses are certified by Exemplar Global (Formerly RABQSA) and we are able to provide the following

courses :-


Certified Lead Auditor Course :-



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