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ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard


We are all becoming more “environmentally aware” of what we do and how we do it – so are YOU to the extent that more and more customer will question not only what YOU do but how YOU do it, and in some parts of the world suppliers cannot even get on to a tender list unless they can demonstrate their “environmentally friendly” approach.


This does of course bring advantages of lower costs due to energy saving, recycling etc. Some of the documentation required for this standard is the same as is needed for ISO 9001 with no duplication necessary, thus there is a cost saving if both standards are introduced at the same time.


Certification of the ISO 14001 aims to decrease the waste and pollution that a company produces and aims to reduce their environmental foot print.

Key Benefits:

  • Can reduce costs by reducing waste and energy consumption

  • Minimises how a company’s actions & practices negatively affect the environment

  • It maintains compliance within current legislation

  • International recognised standard, so can help to improve company profile


A Systematic way of Controlling & Improving

Our Environmental Performance

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